Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

Early detection of renal diseases is of great importance, because such diseases represent a high cost not only economically but also morally.


Signals that can warn of a renal disease are difficult to detect sometimes, there has been cases in which a patient has lost up to 90% of their kidney function and is just starting to present important symptoms. This makes difficult to make a timely treatment.

However, there are symptoms that can appear early and with them to avoid the disease advances, symptoms that we will mention are not exclusively related to kidney disease, but it is important to recognize them in order to make the decision of visit your doctor for a general checkup.

Symptoms of kidney disease

The symptoms that may occur are:

–     Loss of appetite

–     General malaise

–     Fatigue

–     Itching by dryness of the skin all over the body

–     Nausea

–     Sometimes vomiting

–     Weight loss

As mentioned these symptoms are not exclusive to kidney diseases, but it can be so if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms the recommendation is that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

In more advanced stages, and when the kidneys are already losing certain percentage of functionality you may have symptoms including:

–     Urination with important changes such as: frequency, amount, color

–     Features of bloody urine

–     Edema which is accentuated in legs and ankles

–     Pain at lumbar level in the area of the kidneys

–     Insomnia

–     Lack of concentration

–     Dyspnea

–     Halitosis

–     Metallic taste

As long to the ability of the kidneys to carry out their functions go to decrease these symptoms can go worse, but remember that the symptoms are not exclusive of this disease that is why the medical consultation is important.

So, in order to you to have an idea of how important that is to have regular medical check-ups, it is necessary that you know that it may take between 6 months and 10 years and even more, until the first symptoms appear.

Test of Diagnostics

There is some tests that doctors can send to detect kidney disease early, we mentioned some of them below.

1.-Creatinine depuration

2.- levels of creatinine

3.- BUN = blood urea nitrogen levels: there is a formation of nitrogen when the proteins are in a State of decomposition.

Now then, if you want to avoid reaching a kidney disease in the future there is now a way to do that, drinking water, this liquid not only is important, is vital, a person can last for weeks without eating food, but not as well without drinking water.

Water is useful to normalize the temperature of the body through perspiration and it is the kidney which is responsible for eliminating waste through urine.

So, as it is known by most people, you should drink at least 2 liters or 8 liters of water a day.

Causes of Kidney disease

Especially for acute kidney disease, there are some causes, for example

  •  Suffering from a disease which significantly reduce blood flow to the kidneys
  • Have an injury directly to the kidney
  • The ureters are blocked and it is not possible to dispose of toxins from the body.


Risk factors

There are some factors that can lead to kidney disease, now we mention some of them.

  • hospitalization with intensive care
  • Advanced age
  • Peripheral arterial disease (blockage of blood vessels in the arms and legs)
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney disease (infections, obstructions, stones, etc.)
  • Liver diseases
  • Certain types of cancer and its treatments

Complications of Renal disease

  1. A kidney problem can cause fluid buildup in the pulmonary organs so then would be presence of Dyspnea or difficulty breathing.
  2. Can ignite the pericardium, i.e., the layer that covers the heart, and produces a constant and strong chest pain
  3. If there is a significant imbalance of electrolytes in the body, you can feel muscle weakness
  4. Loss of kidney function at 100%, which provoke you need a permanent substitution treatment such as dialysis or transplantation.
  5. If there is no attention quickly kidney disease can cause death

How prevent kidney disease

Even when we have said that there is no way to give us whether we have or not a kidney disease, if we can try to avoid it.

Here some guidelines…

  • check labels of over-the-counter, as they can cause this kind problems when deliberately consumed and prolonged (naproxen sodium, paracetamol and aspirin)
  • if there are chronic conditions that are being poorly controlled like diabetes or hypertension, this can also be a risk for kidney disease.
  • a healthy lifestyle can greatly prevent that kidney disease presents in life.

So, now you know it, fluid intake is vital to prevent the kidneys lose their functionality and therefore we will avoid that malfunction problems can appear sometime.

On the other hand, having a healthy lifestyle can prevent all kinds of diseases including chronic and more common as diabetes or hypertension.

These diseases common chronic may be the door for a chronic kidney disease if they are not treated well.

Kidney diseases are treatable and even preventable, so we must not forget that we are, in a high percentage responsible of suffering this kind of conditions.

Depending on the type of kidney disease, it may or may not be reversible, but we believe the most important thing is not to get the condition in the first place.

A healthy body, with excellent ability and good immune system reduces the percentage not only of having kidney disease, but almost any other type of common diseases, we need to be more responsible with our own lives.


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